Application doubts


1. Can the Best Bronze Self Tanning Spray be used when pregnant or nursing?

The product doesn't get into the bloodstream. It only acts on the dead cells layer, so there is no contraindication. However, only your doctor can authorize its use. Talk to him/her about the DHA substance.

2. How long does the Best Bronze Tanning Spray last on the skin?

An average of 7 to 12 days, considering that's the period for skin cell renewal.

3. For fair skinned users: what's the color result after application on very fair skin?

Best Bronze Tanning Spray creates a glow, on average, 2 shades darker than your natural skin tone. For darker results, repeat the application after 24 hours.

4. About how many applications will I get out of one Best Bronze Tanning Spray can?

Approximately three full body applications, depending on your height and how heavily you apply the product.


5. Does the product stain fabrics (bikinis, etc.)?

It doesn't stain fabrics since it’s free of pigments, however Lycra is a very sensitive fabric, so it is recommend that you choose a darker bikini or underwear while using the product. For better results, apply it before going to bed, thus you won’t have to worry about rubbing it off on your sheets while sleeping.


6. Is there a tutorial for the application of Best Bronze Tanning Spray?

Watch the application tutorial video on our website (On the Home page right bellow or at the User Guide tab).

7. Can I apply the Best Bronze Tanning Spray product on my face? If so, how should I do it?

Yes, and it looks great! To learn how, watch the video on our website

8. After applying the product, is it okay to go out in the sun?

Wait an 8 initial hours for the Best Bronze tan to develop and then go to the sun without concerns; just don't forget to protect your skin with a sunscreen of your preference.

9. Should I use other products on my skin before the Best Bronze Self Tanning Spray?

No. Using other products can actually interfere with the Best Bronze Tanning Spray results.

10. I have waxed recently. Can I use the product?

In order to achieve the best tanning results, it may be necessary to wait a day or two after waxing for the skin to calm down.

11. I have used the Best Bronze Tanning Spray and my skin color is uneven after a few days. What should I do?

Exfoliate with a loofah to remove a layer of color. To prevent this from happening, exfoliate your skin well with the Best Bronze Pre Tan - Soap Bar before applying the product and keep your skin moisturized after your first shower, making also sure to use the Best Bronze Post Tan - Soap Bar daily

12. How do I keep my tan even?

Follow the product instructions closely – exfoliate with the Best Bronze Pre Tan - Soap Bar and wait 8 hours before applying the product. Also make sure to use a moisturizer on the days following the application, as well as the Best Bronze Post Tan - Soap Bar, that moisturizes the skin keeping its ph ideal for a glowing color. When applying the Best Bronze Tanning Spray, double-check if you are spreading it evenly all over the skin.


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    Stephanie Macias

    It is my first time using the luminate, and I have used the self tanner before alone so this time I used both one right after the other. I waited like 10 minutes but still notice the shimmer is not drying. Can I go to bed after both applications? Or would I ruin my sheets?

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